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Girl Hugging Computer MonitorIf you enjoy blogging and want to make money while having fun on the computer, you’re going to love this website.

You don’t have to be a great writer to blog about something that interests you.  All you need is passion and enthusiasm about the subject.  Then read our blog posts and use our really inexpensive, easy, step-by-step e-books and e-workbooks that will show you EXACTLY what to do to turn your hobby into a prosperous career while relaxing at home in your jammies or hanging out on the beach with your laptop.

Life is short and should be filled with fun, passion, joy, freedom, and positive cash flow.  That is what our blog posts and publications are all about.  You truly CAN blog for fun and profit.

You will learn how to monetize your site and do your own Internet marketing.  You’ll also discover that social media is not only FUN but can be turned into a great traffic-building experience so that more and more and MORE people will begin to quickly flock to your site, read what you have to say, and spend money there.

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Use Your E-Book to Bring Traffic Back to Your Website
Part 3 of a 3-Part Series:  How to Bring Traffic to Your Website using an E-Book   Step 3:  How to Use Your E-Book to Bring Traffic Back to Your Website Amazon’s search engine is one of the largest on the Internet and a whole new audience will find your e-book and your website if you u... Read more
How to Turn Your Manuscript into an E-book
Part 2 of a 3-Part Series:  How to Bring Traffic to Your Website using an E-Book   Step 2:  How to Turn Your Manuscript into an E-Book (or paperback or hardcover edition) Today we'll talk about the four most important ways to turn your manuscript into an e-book. 1.  PDF Edition:  I ... Read more
How to Bring Traffic to Your Website using an E-Book: How to Create a Manuscript
Part 1 of a 3-Part Series:  How to Bring Traffic to Your Website using an E-Book   In this series, I will show you how to bring traffic to your website using an e-book.  Important Note:  An e-book can be as short as 15-20 pages long, so don’t panic by thinking you have to put toget... Read more
How to Drive Traffic to Your Website Using Your Blog Posts
There are several tricks to learn if you want to drive traffic to your website using your blog posts. Drive Traffic to Your Website from the Search Engines Blog Often.  Google loves new content, so if you want to rank high in Google and get indexed on the first page of Google, you must blog often... Read more
The Super Affiliate Handbook
If you want to make money from your website but don't have a product of your own, you can join an affiliate program and sell other people's products (such as a book, a computer, or luggage) or services (such as web design or hotel reservations). You will be assigned an affiliate ID number.  When... Read more
How to Access Gmail During a Gmail Outage: Your Backup Plan!
While Gmail is wonderful and generally reliable, it, like Twitter and even the best webhosting services, has occasional outages (down time), so you need a backup plan; and here it is! It’s always very important to have a backup plan when possible, especially when you are making money online... Read more
12 Steps to Using Your Domain Name as an E-mail Address
The purpose of this article is to show you step-by-step: how to set up individual domain-related email addresses in your cPanel's Webmail; how to have those email addresses verified by Gmail; and how to have email that is addressed to these domain-related email addresses show up in just one ... Read more
Where to Find Out What the Text Messaging Codes Mean
IDK (I don’t know) about U (you) but I don’t always understand WTF (what the F***) people are saying in their IM (instant messages) when they’re text messaging or posting tweets or commenting on Facebook, etc.  It’s a whole new language BC (because) acronyms and abbreviations require fewer ... Read more
Definition of Anchor Text and Why It Is Important in SEO
Anchor text is important in SEO (search engine optimization) because it's one of the top things Google looks for and demands when deciding where to index your page in its search results.  It is part of the Google search algorithm. Definition of Anchor Text First I will give you a definition of an... Read more
Improve Your Page Rank Using Google's New Search Algorithm
Part 3 of a 3-Part Series about Google's February 2011 New Search Algorithm Part 3 includes the following topics: Specific Do’s and Don’ts How Social Media Fits into This In Conclusion Here is the key and the true point of the story.  Google is trying to return the focus of the... Read more
Why Did Google Create a New Search Algorithm?
Part 2 of a 3-Part Series about Google's February 2011 New Search Algorithm Part 2 includes the following topics: The Purpose of Google's New Search Algorithm Definition of a Content Farm How are Article Directories Affected by Google’s New Search Algorithm? Definition of a Scra... Read more
Understanding Google's New Search Algorithm
Part 1 of a 3-Part Series about Google's February 2011 Search Algorithm Changes Part 1 includes the following topics: Introduction Definition of Algorithm What is Google’s New Search Algorithm? Introduction Google’s goal is to provide searchers with the most relevant matches to ... Read more

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